HAWG members have been organizing and participating in consultations with the U.S. government surrounding the implementation process for the Global Fragility Act, a framework now called “Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability” (SPCPS). This hopefully fruitful work will continue in coming months.

HAWG member IJDH staffer Sasha Filippova just published this op-ed on the hopes and cautions of this work.

“With New Global Fragility Act, US Must Avoid Past Mistakes and Let Haitians Control Their Own Democracy”

The Biden administration has a new tool for – it claims – more effectively addressing fragility around the globe through transforming past U.S. policy approaches: the Global Fragility Act (GFA).[1] Haiti, which has long been the subject of U.S. engagement, often with deeply harmful outcomes, will be among the first five partner countries to experience this new approach. And U.S. policy in Haiti is, without question, in need of drastic improvement. But whether the GFA will result in something better will depend on whether the U.S. government is serious about its stated GFA intentions and actually lets Haitians control their own governance.

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