National Human Rights Defense Network, known as RNDDH in Kreyol, has just released a report with their on-the-ground assessment of the situation in Haiti post-hurricane. 

Full report in English and French

RNDDH demands respect for humany dignity by the Haitian Government, Political Parties, and Humanitarian Agencies

Excerpts from the report:

Preparation and awareness of the population of the hurricane

According to information gathered by RNDDH, hurricane warnings were not disclosed in the same manner to communities and they were not made aware at the same time.

Some communities claim to have been informed at least one (1) week in advance, allowing vulnerable people to move, while other communities had been informed two (2) or three (3) days before the hurricane. However, it has also been reported to RNDDH and its regional network that communities were not all forewarned. Consequently, many people were surprised while farming in their gardens (fields) for example.

For some communities, it was clear that the hurricane was going to hit the country violently and would cause much damage. Other communities were not aware of the strength of the hurricane and its consequences.

Consequences of Hurricane Matthew

The consequences of Hurricane Matthew on affected communities are disastrous. In addition to the human and material losses, roads are cut off, others blocked and bridges collapsed.

Today, the cholera epidemic is raging in several of these departments. At Anse d’Hainault, for example, a joint department of Grand’Anse, more than a dozen people have already died.

Hunger is in full swing. If nothing is done, especially in forgotten communities, hunger and famine may severely hit populations.

Forgotten communities

As part of this evaluation, RNDDH and its regional network were able to identify a large number of communities that have not been touched by the distribution of humanitarian aid. These among others :

  • Lilette third communal section of Anse d’Hainault, Grand’Anse
  • Bouchy third communal section of Anse d’Hainault, Grand’Anse
  • Boulmier, twelfth communal section of Les Cayes, South
  • Coles, fourth communal section dependent of Les Anglais, South
  • Casse, first communal section of Verone, South
  • Deye Lagon, locality of the town of Les Anglais, South
  • Nan Sab, first communal section of Tiburon, South
  • Damette fourth section of Tiburon, South

“RNDDH and its regional network bitterly regret that humanitarian aid has been politicized. Indeed, the candidates have used poverty, precariousness and vulnerability of affected populations to campaign, despite the fact that the CEP has forbidden candidates to continue campaigning and many radio stations have denounced these actions. It is unfortunate that some of these campaign strategies are working and members of some communities have said they will vote for certain candidates because they have come to their aid immediately. Again, voters may cast votes for the wrong reasons.”