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We criticize voluntourism, white saviors, and good intentions gone bad on one hand. On the other, we decry apathy, indifference, and disengagement we see around us. Confused? We will help you chart a better course. 

I write on the behalf of Centenary College of Louisiana to invite you to Partnership. We will spend a week together working through the ethical dilemmas faced by Americans helping in Haiti. We will stay in Corporant, a small town in the Central Plateau region, and travel to communities by foot or vehicle. Participants will role-play scenarios, evaluate their actions ethically, and learn about Haitian history and culture. Participants will learn how to carefully consider the consequences of their engagement in Haiti, how to respect and even promote the autonomy of individuals and communities, and develop qualities within themselves they will need to partner with Haitians. We use the opportunity of being in Haiti to visit various ongoing ministries, NGOs and collaborative efforts in order to develop a deeper understanding of the ethical dilemmas faced by aid workers and missionaries in projects of different sizes and contexts.

Cost is a flat rate of $1300 USD, not including travel between the U.S. and Port-au-Prince. This includes in-country expenses such as lodging, translation, meals, tips, transportation and activities. The trip will take place from June 3rd to June 10th.

Dr. Chris Ciocchetti and Alan Yarborough will be your guides for this experience. Dr. Ciocchetti holds the Beaird Chair of Philosophy at Centenary College of Louisiana. He has taught ethics for over 15 years. Alan Yarborough works in innovative church collaboration with the Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations and the Virginia Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. He worked in Haiti for three years, including two years as a Young Adult Service Corps volunteer in Cange and one year as a project manager for the revitalization program of the St. Barnabas Agriculture Center in Terrier Rouge. They bring together academic expertise and hands-on experience working in Haiti to help prepare for you.

We will offer an ecumenical retreat. We seek to bring together people from different perspectives to discuss the role of faith and religion when helping in Haiti. Participants will be prompted to think deeply about their beliefs and to translate those beliefs into action while working alongside a wide variety of people.

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