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Six Ways the US and the International Community Can Help Haiti Without Armed Intervention

As the discussion around armed intervention in Haiti continues to grow, Vélina Élysée Charlier, Alexandra Filippova, and Tom Ricker just published a piece on the Six Ways the US and the International Community Can Help Haiti Without Armed Intervention, which covers practical recommendations that Haitian civil society and U.S. based advocates have discussed and proposed multiple times over the past year or more. Read More

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ICYMI: Report “Broken UN Promises Lead to Haiti Cholera Resurgence”

HAWG members IJDH and BAI recently released a press release stating that Broken UN Promises Lead to Haiti Cholera. In this piece, the two organizations call out the UN for their failure to keep their promise of investing $400 million to cover the cholera epidemic.

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Since its outbreak in 2010, the UN-imported cholera has killed over 10,000 people and infected nearly 1 million between 2010 and 2019Read More

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ICYMI: Solidarity Center Report on Living Wages in Garment Industry

HAWG member Solidarity Center has just published its living wage estimate for garment workers in Port-au-Prince, which covers the need for the Haitian government to provide a living wage to its garment workers and the ramifications of such a change on entire communities.

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One of the core findings in this study is that The Solidarity Center estimates the basic cost of living for a garment worker in Port-au-Prince to be $90,928.51 gourdes (about $791.08) per month. Read More


Building Sustainable and Equitable Peace in Haiti: Thinking Through Multiple Approaches

On August 16th, HAWG and HRC members convened for a conversation about different frameworks and perspectives on peacebuilding in Haiti. Approaches from the international community and within Haiti can often see the same problem from different lenses. This frequently creates dissonance in approaches, objectives and outcomes. How does this moment demand that we learn better from each other, and ensure that an appropriate Haitian-led approach is central, rather than impose inefficient, ineffective and potentially harmful solutions from outside of Haiti?  Read More


2022-2023 Haiti Research and Policy Fellowship

Beginning this fall semester, we are seeking a quarter-time, year-long policy and research fellow to support the ongoing development of the advocacy infrastructure of the Haitian Women’s Collective. As a member of the Haiti Advocacy Working Group (HAWG), the Haitian Women’s Collective will sponsor a policy fellow as part of their membership participation. Read More

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One Year Later: Call on U.S. to Let a Haitian Solution Emerge

Tomorrow, July 7th, marks the one year anniversary of the assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse. His murder came only days after the killings of activist Netty Duclaire, journalist Diego Charles, and nineteen others in Delmas 32. No one has been held to account.

As long as the US allows Henry to veto negotiations, a Haitian solution cannot emerge.

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Recent Statements from Members of U.S. Congress on Haiti Governance

Members of Congress continue to speak out on matters related to the governance situation in Haiti and how it factors into the insecurity situation and international affairs.

From Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley “Haitians deserve a chance to determine their future”


“For too long, U.S. policies and relations with the Haitian people have perpetuated anti-Blackness and exacerbated injustice…

“A lasting solution will require the United States to withdraw support for de facto ruler Ariel Henry, who lacks legitimacy with the Haitian people, and instead, partner with members of Haitian civil society working to end the corruption and impunity that drives people to flee the island. Read More

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Opinion: De Facto Haitian Government’s Invitation to Americas Summit Reveals US Double Standards

Jake Johnston of CEPR (a HAWG member) recently published this piece on dynamic between Haiti, the U.S., and the Summit of the Americas.

“The United States is hosting the Summit of the Americas next month in Los Angeles. The gathering of heads of state has occurred roughly every three years since its first meeting, the last to be held in the US, in 1994. Read More