Last Friday, the Congressional representatives from Massachusetts in both House and Senate, sent a letter to Secretary Kerry asking the State Department to intervene before surplus peanuts from the U.S. are sent to Haiti. Reinforcing a letter from Massachusetts State Senator, Linda Dorcena Forry, they expressed concern about the planned shipment and asked for a response from the Secretary. While they acknowledge the importance of food aid around the world in saving lives, they also emphasize:

…U.S. food exports should not undermine local efforts for food sufficiency or sustainable development.

A recent letter from 60+ organizations, many of whom participate in the Haiti Advocacy Working Group, agrees with the sentiment of these Congressional representatives. We are glad to see them taking a stand on this important issue, in solidarity with Haitians who will be impacted by this maneuver and the Haitian diaspora in their home districts.

Many thanks to Senator Elizabeth Warren & Senator Edward J. Markey, Representatives Capuano, Neal, McGovern, Lynch, Tsongas, Keating, J.P. Kennedy III, K. Clark and Moulton for their support. If you are from Massachusetts, send them a quick note or tweet of thanks!