HAWG member IJDH has just published its latest update on the human rights and rule of law situation in Haiti, which covers key recent developments relevant to human rights in Haiti from December 2021 through May 2022. It follows our previous biannual publications and longer analytical assessment from May 2019.

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One of the core observations in this update is that Haiti’s continuing governance crisis is at the root of its security, economic and humanitarian crises.

The governance crisis has both precipitated and been exacerbated by devastating insecurity, crumbling infrastructure, a dysfunctional judiciary, and ongoing impunity for human rights violations. The government’s fundamental failure to protect Haitians and vindicate their rights – including especially with respect to economic and social safety nets – underlies the grave human rights situation; and state-sanctioned and -perpetrated violence remains one of the largest threats to Haitians.

(Text modified from IJDH press release.)