Last week the Obama Administration noted a sharp change in policy regarding the treatment of Haitian migrants. Citing a surge in numbers of Haitians traveling from Brazil, through Central America and crossing at the US-Mexico border, ICE began to detain more Haitians after several years of granting exceptions due to humanitarian concerns post-earthquake.

Of concern to immigration and Haiti advocates alike is the declaration by the Administration that conditions have significantly improved in Haiti to justify resuming deportations. On many fronts, not the least being the political upheaval of the last year, cholera’s resurgence during rainy season, and now a hurricane, Haiti has many challenges that indicate it is not in a position to receive thousands of deported citizens.

You can read a very thorough account of the situation from Jackie Charles of the Miami Herald. There are also many letters to the editor and Op-Eds denouncing this decision from HAWG colleagues.

Take Action: Sign the petition to President Obama, telling his Administration to reverse this deportation policy against Haitians seeking refuge.