Acting Secretary Elaine Duke Secretary Department of Homeland Security 3801 Nebraska Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20016 November 16, 2017

RE: Request from Haitian Religious Leaders to Re-Designate and Extend Temporary Protected Status for Haiti for 18 Months

Dear Acting Secretary Duke:

We are writing as pastors and other faith leaders who are directly from Haitian heritage. We are grateful to serve our fellow Haitians who live across the United States. We are writing in this vital time because our community members are expressing anxiety every day after hearing that Haitian TPS may end on January 22, 2018. We strongly urge that you reconsider this decision immediately to ensure that Haitian TPS recipients will have their status renewed for a full 18 months.

Especially, we want to be sure that you carefully consider some key reports from faith and business partners that underline the importance of our request. Just on November 1st, for example, we are aware that the Evangelical Immigration Roundtable sent you a letter where they noted, “Haiti, initially designated with TPS after the horrific earthquake of 2010, has recently been hit by several severe hurricanes.” They called for an extension of Haitian TPS, and said that“chronic unemployment and underemployment…would likely be exacerbated by a sudden insertion of residents who have lived abroad for many years, harming the poorest of the poor.”We are also aware that Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley on November 3 wrote you to urge a re-designation and extension of TPS for Haitians, El Salvadorans, Hondurans, and Nicaraguans. They specifically said, “Haiti has not fully recovered from the (2010) earthquake, and then has suffered further damage from Hurricane Matthew. Haiti is not ready to receive its nationals.”

We remind you also that over 700 interfaith leaders have signed a letter in support of re-designation of TPS status for Haitians and others. In their letter, they communicated that “The United States has a moral responsibility to not return children, families, and individuals that have been subject to persecution to extremely violent territories.” And, our faith partners at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network have produced a report at: that outlines in great detail how extending TPS for Haiti is in line with U.S. economic, societal and regional security interests, as well as with faith and U.S. values.

As Haitian faith leaders, we are already seeing some of our community members leave the U.S. for Canada, and we believe that, if you do not renew Haitian TPS, many more will leave for Canada; producing a humanitarian crisis. Many of our key pastoral leaders have met with Haitian government leaders in both the U.S. and in Haiti in recent months, and we are aware of their public statements also urging the administration to extend Haitian TPS status. Our communities are telling us daily how concerned they are about the losses to U.S. business interests that would happen if they are forced to leave their jobs in health care, in poultry production, and in so many other service and industry areas. They are deeply frightened about the impact upon their families, if they are to lose their ability to both support their families here in the U.S. and to contribute remittances that help build stability for their relatives and their birth nation in Haiti.

Please, we are praying that you will listen to every raised voice, and that you will do the right thing for our Haitian community—which offers great value to the United States, to our congregations, and to our communities.


Dr. Philius Nicolas Adlerette Kebreau Pastor Pastor Disciples Evangelical Crusade Fishers of Men Jesus is Lord Church Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY

Willeme Thomas Gabrielle Montilus Senior Pastor Pastor Federalsburg Church of Nazarene Pentecostal Church of Disciples of Christ Federalsburg, MD Salisbury, MD

Celin Cornet Louis Azemar Diometre Usher and Server of Communion Third Pastor Parkway Church of God Word of Life Center Salisbury, MD Salisbury, MD

Luc Laguerre Natacha Castel Cornet Sunday School Teacher Sunday School Teacher Word of Life Center Parkway Church of God Salisbury, MD Salisbury, MD

Joel Mesadieu Ismela Moise Sunday School Monitor Sunday School Secretary Pentecostal Church of Disciples of Christ Pentecostal Church of Disciples of Christ Salisbury, MD Salisbury, MD

Lovelie Teus Micdale Joseph Sunday School Monitor Kids Helper Pentecostal Church of Disciples of Christ Pentecostal Church of Disciples of Christ Salisbury, MD Salisbury, MD

Elivestre Tanis Marie Yolette Tanis Senior Pastor Assistant Pastor Heaven Church Heaven Church Maplewood, NJ Maplewood, NJ

Louis Joseph Raymonde Joseph Assistant Pastor Deacon Pentecostal Haitian Church Pentecostal Haitian Church Rahway, NJ Rahway, NJ

Simon Louissaint Roosevelt Medina Senior Pastor Musician Pentecostal Haitian Church Pentecostal Church of Disciples of Christ Rahway, NJ Salisbury, MD

Solange Pierre Moril Deratus Kids Choir Leader Pastor Pentecostal Church of Disciples of Christ Church of God in Christ
Salisbury, MD Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Dr. Whitney Pierre Christophe Leger El Shaddai Baptist Church Pastor Brooklyn, NY Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Brooklyn, NY

Luc Guerrier Jean Albert Rejouis Pastor Pastor Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Independent Church Brooklyn, NY Rosedale, NY

Mr. Dalzon Sauveur Metayer Pastor Pastor Galilean Church Independent Church Jamaica, NY Brooklyn, NY

Pierre Constant Jean Claude Michel Pastor Pastor Church of God (Disciples of Christ) Faithful Church of God Queens Village, NY Gardens City, NY

Pierre Marc Damus Duvales Cineus Pastor Pastor Baptist Church Christ Sanctified Church Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY

Nedie Pierre Marie Clemence Ulcéna Pastor Pastor Church of Man (Disciples of Christ) Baptist Church Brooklyn, NY Roosevelt, NY

Leslie Thomas Lude Pinette Pastor Pastor Church of God Independent Church New York, NY Brooklyn, NY

Ernst Cochy Brugard Brutus Pastor Bishop Works of Jacob Church Church of God Brooklyn, NY Valleystream, NY

Marc Thimothée Pierre Cecile Riley Pastor Bishop Independent Church Church of God in Christ Jamaica, NY Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Dr. CéDieu Gouin Samuel Alfred Fishers of Men Church Bishop Brooklyn, NY Church of God Brooklyn, NY

Petit Frere Verma Emmanuel Seide Pastor Bishop Good Shepherd Baptist Church Alliance Church of Christ Saint Albans, NY Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Dr. Malherbe St. Juste Pastor Serge Sam Church of Christ Pastor Brooklyn, NY Eglise Baptiste de Vie Brooklyn, NY

Flore Maurice Daniel Laurent Pastor Pastor Independent Church Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Bay Shore, NY East Orange, NJ

Gesner Bienne Jonnel Doris Pastor Pastor Baptist Church Church of God Brooklyn, NY Richmond Hill, NY

Gregory Nelson Wadner Gedeon Pastor Pastor Baptist Church Independent Church Madison, AL Philadelphia, PA

Graham Exantus Rev. Dr. Luc Pierre Pastor Church of the Nazarene Ebenezer Haitian Baptist Church Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY

David Marcelin Gusme Naldoint Senior Pastor Assistant Pastor Blades First Haitian Church of God First Haitian Baptist Church Blades, DE Seaford, DE

Gary Nicholas Jean Marc Platel Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Word of Life Center First Haitian Salem Church Salisbury, MD Laurel, DE

Moise Domond Faubert Jean Baptiste Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Sanctified Church of Christ First Haitian Methodist Laurel, DE Salisbury, MD

Louides Merilus Jean Wilfrid Pradieu Senior Pastor Assistant Pastor First Haitian Alliance Church First Church of Nazarene Laurel, DE Federalsburg, MD

Beauvoir Duperoy Ezechias Salomon Youth Pastor Senior Pastor Dover Haitian Church of Nazarene Church of God of Prophecy Dover, DE Bridgeville, DE

Joachin Louissaint Guy Danjoint Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Assembly of God Delaware Christian Assembly Dover, DE Camden, DE

Gerold Dorlean Jacques Metayer Assistant Pastor Senior Pastor Delmar Haitian Church of Nazarene Haitian Church of Nazarene Delmar, DE Hagerstown, MD

Sadrak Nelson Francius Pierre Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Haitian Church of Nazarene Primitive Haitian Church of Nazarene Jessup, MD Hyattsville, MD

Rev. Serge J. Michel Sister M. Fidelis Rubbo Fort-Pierce First Haitian Church of the Nazarene Sister of St. Francis 3425 Deberry Road Pastoral Coordinator/Haiti Missionary Fort-Pierce, FL 34947 Sylvania, Ohio

Rev. Raymond Wilfrid Fritz Toussaint Senior Pastor Marin Church of the Nazarene Georgetown Church of Nazarene The Haitian Congregation Georgetown, DE Novato, CA Rev. Jean Phillipe Jean Louis Rev. Pierre Louis Zephyr Youth Pastor Pastor First Church of Nazarene Friend of Wisdom Church Federalsburg, MD Dorchester, MA

Rev. David Livinstone Rev. Ewalt Delva Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Blades Church of God Bethel Haitian Church Blades, DE Cambridge, MA

Rev Gerold Dorleans Rev. Jean Carne Pierre Associate Pastor Senior Pastor Delmar Church of Nazarene First Haitian Church Delmar, DE Malden, MA

Rev. Enock Guerrier Rev. Rosemond Antoine Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Living Water International Church First Haitian Church of the Nazarene Silver Spring, MD Waltham, MA
Rev. Lesley Marcelin Rev. Joses St. Phard Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Christian Assembly of Delaware Word in Action Ministries Georgetown, DE Philadelphia, PA

Rev. Shewood Holley Rev. Job Joseph Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Hurlock United Church Peniel Haitian Church Hurlock, MD Miami, FL

Rev. Lucille Salomon-Sanor Rev. Luc R. Pierre Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Hyattsville Healing Temple New Jerusalem Church Hyattsville, MD Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Roland Edouard Rev. Yves Latouche Senior Pastor Church Consultant Milford Haitian Church Spring Valle, NY Milford, DE

Rev. Amos Regusme Rev. Jean Gilbert Toussaint Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Delaware Christian Family Center First Haitian Church Milford, DE Jersey City, NJ

Rev. Real Demosterne Rev. Diebenomi Lafrance Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Orlando Bethesda Haitian Church First Haitian Church of the Nazarene Orlando, FL Melbourne, FL

Rev. Odel Alusma Rev. Gilbert Dertes Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Life Hope Haitian Church First Haitian Church Marietta, GA Lakeland, FL

Rev. Julio Brutus Rev. Paul Marc Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Winter Haven First Haitian Orlando Light of the World Winter Haven, FL Orlando, FL

Rev. Benito Renelus Rev. Randy Gant Senior Pastor Senior Pastor First Haitian Church of Nazarene Tampa Church of the Nazarene Haines City, FL Tampa, FL

Rev. Sandra Jeannot Rev. Dumersier Charles Senior Pastor Senior Pastor Tampa first Haitian Church Good Shepherd Church Tampa, FL Newark, NJ
Re. Jean-Marc Lauture Wiland Jean Baptiste Senior Pastor Pastor Victory Haitian Church Family of God Tabernacle Atlanta, GA San Rafael, CA

Rev. Rutho Chalot Rev. Reginald Lysias Senior Pastor Eglise Baptiste du Calvaire de Californie New life Church 1017 Third Street Newark, NJ Novato, CA 94945

Dr. Edner Eloi Reel Edmond Pastor Pastor Novato-Haitian Church of Seventh Day Adventist Community Haitian Theophile Church Novato, CA Sausalito, CA

Vanol Duterval Obnes Compere Pastor Assistant Pastor Haitian Theophile Church Haitian Theophile Church Sausalito, CA Sausalito, CA

Fritzner Galiot Rev. Daniel Ulysse Pastor Pastor Equater Faith Mission French Expression Baptist Church Oakland, CA Brooklyn, NY

Rev Edy Bichotte Pastor Graham Exantus Pastor Pastor Bethany French Baptist Church Ebenezer Church Jamaica Queens, NY Brooklyn, NY

Dr Vladimir Petit Frere Pastor Jacques Adrien Pastor Pastor L’eglise Baptiste D’Israel Eglise La Verite de Sion Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY

Angelique Nelson Pastor Gesner Beinne Director of Communication Pastor Eglise Adventist Horeb Eglise Baptiste du Calvaire Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY

Pastor Amos Sam Pastor Eglise Baptiste Source de Vie Brooklyn, NY