New Gender Report on IFI Spending in Haiti

Gender Justice Scorecard: IFIs in Haiti analyzes the gender sensitivity of Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank investments from 2013-17. The two IFIs spent nearly $1.5 billion in Haiti during this period, substantially less than during 2010-13 following the 2010 earthquake (see our report Building Back by Half or BBBH). The Scorecard found less effort to promote gender justice and rights than did BBBH. Most projects still fail to provide measures to prevent Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV); create gender equal access to and gender-disaggregated data for project consultations and benefits; and approach gender from a human rights perspective. No projects analyzed even mentioned LGBTI people. Many projects may cause forced resettlement and price increases for basic services such as education, electricity, and water, which will disproportionately harm women and sexual minorities. The report presents a series of conclusions and recommendations addressing these and other issues.