Join HAWG and The Episcopal Church for an educational event on the challenges and opportunities in addressing a wide array of issues in Haiti.
TIME: Jul 12, 03:00pm EDT
Recent turmoil in Haiti and a late outbreak of COVID-19 have drawn attention to the failings of the political system and international involvement, but have overshadowed many other aspects of society in need of attention, including the economy, environment, humanitarian concerns, and human security. This webinar will bring together experts on Haiti from religious communities to secular civil society to highlight aspects of life in Haiti that have been overlooked and raise opportunities for progress with increased investment and attention. Panelists will discuss the most pressing challenges in Haiti today and how civil society, the government, religious communities can address them. In partnership with members of the Haiti Advocacy Working Group, join us to learn more about salient challenges in Haiti beyond the political turmoil and possible approaches to respond.
Wooden boat on a Haiti beach with the title, panelists, and time overlaid

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Jake Johnston, senior research associate, Center for Economic and Policy Research
Sasha Filippova, senior staff attorney, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti
Fabienne Jean, coordinator, Hands Together Foundation of Haiti (FONDAMA)
Cindy Corell, mission co-worker, Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA); facilitator, FONDAMA
Moderated by Alan Yarborough, church relations officer, Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations; chair, Haiti Advocacy Working Group

This program is hosted by The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations and the Haiti Advocacy Working Group.