Parliamentary and presidential elections are scheduled in Haiti on August 9, October 25, and December 27, 2015.  Haitians are scheduled to vote on virtually every public office in the country; including the President, 119 deputies, 20 senators, and over 5,000 municipal agents. The HAWG advocates for fair and timely elections free from intimidation, violence, and voter fraud.

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Elections and Democracy

Haiti elections scheduled for Sunday have been canceled

Haitian elections officials Friday afternoon abruptly canceled Sunday’s planned elections amid escalating protests and violence around the country.

Moments earlier, the officials had halted the distribution of voting materials and began recovery of those that had already gone out.

Elections officials said at a news conference that safety could not be guaranteed for voters or poll workers. Read More

Elections and Democracy

Evaluation Commission’s Ambiguous Report May Only Deepen Haiti’s Electoral Crisis

On Sunday 3 January, the Independent Electoral Evaluation Commission released its report on the 25 October presidential elections. Appointed on 22 December by President Martelly in response to demands for an independent investigation, the Evaluation Commission met over the holidays with electoral council members, government officials, election observers, candidates and other concerned groups, and conducted a verification of 1771 randomly-selected tally sheets. Read More

Elections and Democracy

The Past is Prologue with Haiti’s Elections

Haiti’s presidential runoff is slated for Jan. 17 after being postponed in December. The international community has often stunted Haiti’s democracy.
As Haitians prepared to go to the polls in 2010, 45 members of the U.S. Congress wrote to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, warning that supporting such a flawed process “will come back to haunt the international community.” Read More

Elections and Democracy

The show must not go on

Haiti’s President, Michel Martelly, is a charismatic showman who has been a faithful ally to the Obama administration for the past five years. But it is time for his public office curtain call, and the administration needs to stop supporting his illegal efforts to extend his engagement.

President Martelly’s term ends next February 7, and Haiti’s Constitution prohibits his re-election. Read More

Elections and Democracy

Ensure integrity of Haiti’s election

Editorial, Miami Herald, December 2, 2015

Haiti Election (1)
FILE – In this file photo combination shows presidential candidates Jovenel Moise, left, from the PHTK political party, speaking in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Thursday Nov. 5, 2015, and presidential candidate Jude Celestin, from the LAPEH party, during a press conference in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Friday, Nov.
Read More