Between February 22 and 26, four members of the Haiti Advocacy Working Group traveled to Haiti to gain a better understanding of  the country’s environmental challenges, in the context of climate change.   Participants in this delegation included Jayce Hafner from the Episcopal Church, Elaine Zuckerman from Gender Action, Joel Kupferman of the Environmental Justice Initiative, and Maurice Bloem from Church World Service (CWS).  Tav Hafner was the delegation’s videographer.  In this video blog, Maurice Bloem – Executive VicePresident at CWS – shares reflections on his trip which included a trip to Wynne Farm and a visit to a CWS funded housing projects.

Bloem says that the intersection of environmental degradation, deforestation, climate change and land grabbing has exacerbated Haitian food insecurity and created one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world.  But he also concludes that – despite these challenges – all stakeholders, by working together, can further transform Haiti.

Click here to listen to Maurice’s reflections on his Haiti trip.


Members of the HAWG delegation are joined by Simon Dieuseul Desras, Astrel Joseph from the Ministry of Environment, Dave Fils-Aimé  from the Embassy of Haiti, and staff from the Wynne Farm in Haiti.

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