Labor Rights

Labor Rights

ICYMI: Solidarity Center Report on Living Wages in Garment Industry

HAWG member Solidarity Center has just published its living wage estimate for garment workers in Port-au-Prince, which covers the need for the Haitian government to provide a living wage to its garment workers and the ramifications of such a change on entire communities.

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One of the core findings in this study is that The Solidarity Center estimates the basic cost of living for a garment worker in Port-au-Prince to be $90,928.51 gourdes (about $791.08) per month. Read More

Labor Rights

Haiti Workers Push Forward for Higher Wages

HAWG member Solidarity Center continues to accompany Haitian workers primarily in the garment sector in seeking higher wages, benefits and better working conditions. Demonstrations have been met with some violence, but progress is happening

The coalition paused minimum wage demonstrations after the Prime Minister agreed to supplementary benefits to workers’ wages: free transportation to and from the factory and lunch stipends. Read More