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Best Practices for Hurricane Recovery

Based on years of organizational experience that many HAWG members have in disaster response and recovery, they share best practices from lessons learned on the ground. We hope that all organizations responding in Haiti will share in these practices:

1. Support local community collaborations and initiatives. Haitian community networks mobilized to relocate, shelter and protect Matthew victims. Read More

Climate Change

HAWG bids farewell to Adulin Prophete, CWS Intern

HAWG bids a fond farewell to Adulin Prophete, CWS intern, who also worked with the HAWG on Adulin Propheteclimate change this summer. Adulin played an essential role in taking forward the work of the HAWG’s climate change subgroup, liaising with climate partners in Haiti, civil society and representatives from the Ministry of Environment. Read More

Climate Change

HAWG Statement on the Paris Agreement

When policymakers from around the world came together in December of 2015 to solidify an international climate agreement in Paris, France, we members of the Haiti Advocacy Working Group (HAWG) engaged this process through advocacy, programmatic strategy, and grassroots activism. As we laud the spirit of international collaboration for climate action that inspired the Paris Conference, we also recognize that the Paris Agreement which ultimately emerged from these negotiations must be strengthened and improved this year and in the years to come to avoid exacerbating existing problems in highly vulnerable countries like Haiti. Read More

Climate Change

Drought and climate change in Haiti

In recent years Haiti has suffered from a recurring drought characterized by the lack of rainfall and drying up of several water sources in rural areas. One of its root causes is the uncontrolled felling of trees in local forests for the production of charcoal. Last summer, especially, the heat rose to an unimaginable, even unbearable degree, which left us all without doubt that the situation is far from being improved. Read More

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What’s good for a Haitian farmer is also good for a US family farmer: Lessons learned on sustainable agriculture and climate resilience

HAWG Commemoration Pics 141

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Moderator:        Marc Cohen, Oxfam America

Speakers:            Kelly Geoghegan, IJDH
                               Ricot Jean Pierre, PAPDA
                               Doudou Pierre Festile, RENHASSA/Je Nan Je
                               Marie Yvette Michaud (MPKNP/Je Nan Je)
                               Eugene Philhower, USDA

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