people-with-capitolThe Haiti Advocacy Working Group formed shortly after the devastating January 12, 2010 earthquake to coordinate advocacy efforts for effective and just disaster relief, reconstruction and long-term U.S. development policy toward Haiti. Composed of more than 30 diverse groups representing a wide cross-section of the NGO community, the HAWG has focused on the following priority areas:

  • Promoting Haitian civil society inclusion and leadership in relief and reconstruction 
  • Prioritizing rural and agricultural development needs
  • Encouraging local procurement and decentralization of aid
  • Supporting fair immigration policy for Haitians
  • Raising awareness on gender and women’s issues
  • Ensuring support through U.S. and multilateral aid commitments and full debt relief
  • Promoting safe, sanitary and adequate shelter

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Multiple organizations contribute on a case by case basis to issue or sector specific recommendations and positions expressed in hawg materials. These materials are not designed to be consensus positions and have not been explicitly endorsed by each organization active in the HAWG.