Month: March 2023

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A joint statement by HAWG members AJWS and UUSC:


As the United States and international community continue to discuss ways to support the Haitian people, American Jewish World Service and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee have issued the following joint statement and recommendations: 

Over the past decade, the regime governing Haiti has stolen billions of dollars in public funds, dismantled democratic institutions, and funded and armed gangs. Read More

Aid Accountability and Transparency, Elections and Democracy, Good Governance

Are We Asking the Right Questions About Haiti

Our HAWG chair, Alan Yarborough, recently published “Are We Asking the Right Questions about Haiti?” in which he reemphasizes the need for all actors that want to help ameliorate Haiti’s crisis to reframe their questions. In the midst of the release of the executive summary of the 10-year Global Fragility Act plan for Haiti, it is imperative that the international community recognize the need to rethink the questions we are asking including:

  1. Why are we still talking about how bad conditions are in Haiti?
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Haitian Farmers Request Final Push to Receive Full Compensation

The Strength of a Community: Haitian Farmers Request Final Push to Receive Full Compensation

Check out this amazing new update from Accountability Counsel!

“In 2018, we shared groundbreaking news that communities we support in Haiti had reached an historic agreement to remedy harm. We are in year five of implementing that agreement, and while significant progress has been made, critical gaps require more time and a concerted push to see this agreement over the finish line. Read More

Elections and Democracy, Good Governance, Security

HAWG Working Review of Commentary on Haiti

HAWG Working Review of Commentary on Haiti

Initiated in March 2023, this is a live document
Lead researcher, Christina Prinvil, HAWG and Haitian Women’s Collective Policy Fellow

Compilation Framing

Given the chaotic nature of voices from outside of Haiti, the Haiti Advocacy Working Group has initiated this curated list of proposals from various authors primarily from outside of Haiti on what the international community should be doing. Read More