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International Women’s Day Celebration
March 7, 2017 from 9:30-11 am

You are invited to attend a panel on the status of women in Haiti featuring Haitian feminist activists and experts on Haiti, sponsored by Gender Action, Human Rights Watch and HAWG.

When: March 7 from 9:30-11 am

Where: Human Rights Watch, 1630 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC

Panelists include: Nadia Lafleur, Director of Fanm Deside’s battered women’s shelter, Sabine Lamour, Activist and Professor, Amanda Klasing, Senior Researcher in the Women’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch, Amy Van Zanen of Gender Action

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Partnership in Haiti Course Opportunity

Interested in practical ways to build better partnerships? Read on!

We criticize voluntourism, white saviors, and good intentions gone bad on one hand. On the other, we decry apathy, indifference, and disengagement we see around us. Confused? We will help you chart a better course. 

I write on the behalf of Centenary College of Louisiana to invite you to Partnership. Read More

Climate Change

COP22: Haitian Press Release

A press release from Haiti’s Ministry of Environment on COP 22:

Port-au-Prince, 10 novembre 2016.
Pour diffusion immédiate
Le Ministère de l’Environnement attire l’attention des forces vives du pays sur les enjeux des négociations internationales sur le climat et les priorités d’Haïti dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques. Read More

Aid Accountability and Transparency, Cholera Epidemic, Climate Change

On the Verge of a Deepening, Chronic Crisis


Press Release from CLIO and CCO

We, members of CCO & CLIO, the 2 largest NGO associations in Haiti, raise the alarm on the intensifying consequences caused by the neglected management of the chronic and severe hazards devastating Haiti. On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew slammed the western coasts of the island to devastating effect. Read More

Aid Accountability and Transparency, Cholera Epidemic, Elections and Democracy

RNDDH report on Hurricane Matthew

National Human Rights Defense Network, known as RNDDH in Kreyol, has just released a report with their on-the-ground assessment of the situation in Haiti post-hurricane. 

Full report in English and French

RNDDH demands respect for humany dignity by the Haitian Government, Political Parties, and Humanitarian Agencies

Excerpts from the report:

Preparation and awareness of the population of the hurricane

According to information gathered by RNDDH, hurricane warnings were not disclosed in the same manner to communities and they were not made aware at the same time. Read More

Gender & Human Rights

Action: Reverse US detention, deportations policy for Haitians

Action Alert from Church World Service:

Last weekend, Hurricane Matthew decimated Haiti, a country that was already struggling to recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake. In the wake of the earthquake, the U.S. government promised to help displaced Haitians and support the country’s recovery. The U.S. government designated Haitians who were already in the United States in 2011 for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Read More

Cholera Epidemic, Media

Rep. Barbara Lee on Matthew’s Impact on U.S. & Haiti

Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Statement on Hurricane Matthew’s Impact in the US & Haiti

Oakland, California – In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Congresswoman Barbara Lee released the following statement urging the global community to unite to provide humanitarian aid for Haiti:

“My thoughts are with the people of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina impacted by the Hurricane Matthew. Read More

Cholera Epidemic, Media

Faith leaders to Obama: Take Action on Cholera!


Contact: Jasmine Huggins, Church World Service (202) 481-6942 | Charissa Zehr, Mennonite Central Committee (202) 544-6564

Faith Leaders Urge Obama Administration to take a leadership role in eliminating cholera in Haiti

Tuesday, October 11, Washington, D.C. – As cholera cases spike in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, more than 60 faith-based organizations and religious groups sent a letter to President Obama and Secretary Kerry, urging them to exercise leadership at the United Nations (UN) to ensure that concrete steps are taken to eliminate the cholera epidemic introduced to Haiti in 2010 by UN peacekeepers.  Read More