Haiti, a small island developing state with a population largely dependent upon agriculture, has sparse arable land for agricultural production and negligible forest cover. Haiti is particularly vulnerable to the devastating impacts of climate change — including destructive hurricanes, droughts, coastal erosion, and rising sea levels– which jeopardize Haitians’ food security, infrastructure, and physical safety. The HAWG promotes policies that help Haitian communities mitigate and adapt to climate change, regain agricultural sovereignty, and improve environmental sustainability. We connect voices of Haitian farmers, environmental researchers, and civil society advocates to international policymakers to ensure that they play a powerful role in determining Haiti’s future.

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Climate Change

COP22: Haitian Press Release

A press release from Haiti’s Ministry of Environment on COP 22:

Port-au-Prince, 10 novembre 2016.
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Le Ministère de l’Environnement attire l’attention des forces vives du pays sur les enjeux des négociations internationales sur le climat et les priorités d’Haïti dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques. Read More

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On the Verge of a Deepening, Chronic Crisis


Press Release from CLIO and CCO

We, members of CCO & CLIO, the 2 largest NGO associations in Haiti, raise the alarm on the intensifying consequences caused by the neglected management of the chronic and severe hazards devastating Haiti. On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew slammed the western coasts of the island to devastating effect. Read More

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Best Practices for Hurricane Recovery

Based on years of organizational experience that many HAWG members have in disaster response and recovery, they share best practices from lessons learned on the ground. We hope that all organizations responding in Haiti will share in these practices:

1. Support local community collaborations and initiatives. Haitian community networks mobilized to relocate, shelter and protect Matthew victims. Read More

Climate Change

HAWG bids farewell to Adulin Prophete, CWS Intern

HAWG bids a fond farewell to Adulin Prophete, CWS intern, who also worked with the HAWG on Adulin Propheteclimate change this summer. Adulin played an essential role in taking forward the work of the HAWG’s climate change subgroup, liaising with climate partners in Haiti, civil society and representatives from the Ministry of Environment. Read More